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Jul 1, 2018

Mixed Media "Weird" notebook

Some day you just cant find the inspirations no matter where you look and how you think hardddd even though you have like 2000projects or commitments need to be met.

Last week was exactly like that for me. I think I have torn off 20000 hairs fm my head just to try if I got something haha!

so finally I figured I should go back to WHAT I LOVE most, WHAT always call my name and just play with it till I am happy. And this is what came out.

A notebook for the "weirdo" :D aka ME !

出来上がったのがこの「変人」のノート。変人は所謂私です! 笑

If you know me or my work, you will know that I really like anything steampunk, mechanical , dark, vintage and mysterious and this is exactly how it is . I bound the book with bind it all, inside are some pages in steampunk style, making some tabs at several pages as well. The charming point is the EYES in the middle. I also LOVE the latch I found in Daiso as one of the biggest parts in this work. Wings is my own symbol so I just had to include it !
私のスタイルでは、スチームパンク、機械系、ダークで、濃いビンテージと神秘的なテーマがかなりの確率で高い。 これはまさにそういうデザインである。
大好きなスクラップペーパーをまとめて製本して、タブも付けて完成したあと、表紙を飾った。 一番のお気に入りは中心部の目のエンベリ! それからダイソーでゲットしたドアのひっかけのパーツがカッコいい!翼は私の名前を表わしてる大事なアイテムなので、この作品には当然欠かせない存在!

The colors are done with the awesome Lindy 's gang sprays Cathedral Pines Green Shimmer Spray and Bachelor Button Blue Shimmer Spray. Final touch with the beautiful gorgeous Finnabair art alchemy wax on my fav texture paste Graphite.


変わってるのはいいことだ! この変わってる作品を気に入ってくれたら嬉しいです!

2 comments: said...

Fabulous notebook!! Love the grungy textures!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

Phoebe Tonosaki said...

awww Tracey, thank you so manch for visiting and the love, you made my day !