May 26, 2018

Mixed Media Altered Novel for AALL & Create

Hello crafty people ! Today I have a very vintage chic project to share with you !

I altered a novel which I dont read anymore. I have decorated the cover and the back, made pockets, bookmarks and journal pages inside the book

Here arethe beautiful stamps fm Ab, Aida and Tracy by AALL & Create. 
product used:
Stamp - 
#10 by Autour
#58 by Autour
#65 by Aida
#26 by BK
#46 by Tracy

Stencil -
#34 by Aida

Find them at

I started by stamping on different shapes of chipboards and then coloring them with Finnabair's impasto paint and  rust paste. The colors mixing and blending each other created the most beautiful rich and vintage looking.

Then I glued the chipboards together with some handmade paper tags fm gorgeous 7dots paper. The bookmarks on the front can be removed and put to other pages easily since I do not glue them, I just put them into the gap btw the chipboards !

I also made a simple journal page with the beautiful stencil fm Aida and lightly highlighted it with the brown rust.

One thing we cannot forget is the crackle I created with the Finnabair clear crackle paste. On the top I put light brown rust to make it more aged and distress. Please zoom in to see how beautiful they are on both the top corner and the bottom !

I sincerely hope you will love this project as it is one of my fav !! thank you !

May 19, 2018

Mixed Media Altered Box for AALL & Create

Good day ! Today I am sharing a project I made for AALL & Create

I altered this box with the beautiful stamps by Olga.
I stamped them on the surface of air dry clay.
The clay parts dried in a few days, I then used Finnabair's rust paste sets to highlight the depth and emphasized the shadows

The background of the box was stamped with mulitple layers of Olga stamps and also using rust paste on Kassa's stencil with a stencil brush.

I used the follows products:

#17 by Kassa Hayselden
#22 by Olga Heldwein
#50 by Olga Heldwein
you can find these products at

thank you for looking !

May 17, 2018

Mixed Media Canvas "Just FEEL"

Sometimes I think picture(image) speaks more than words do.
This is a work that is exactly how it is.
I want you to watch . and then FEEL it.

if you feel it. then my task is finished.
if you dont feel anything,  maybe come back later after some time.

May 16, 2018

Mixed Media Wooden Piece for Lindy's May color challenge

It is already the mid of May and have you seen the gorgeous colors palette fm this month 's Lindy 's color challenge ?

here is my DT reveal for this month.

I am inspired by the purple and yellow colors and I used the element of flowers(pansy and acacia ) to express it

Colors used 
Spray -
French Lilac Violet/ California Poppy Gold/ 

Embossing Powder -
Sunset Yellow Orange/Aurora Amethyst 

Magical shaker 
California Poppy Gold

Welcome to ZOOM in to see the stains I made with the gorgeous embossing powder !

As you perhaps already knew, purple is my fav fav color so it is rather easy for me to work on it but yellow is slightly challenging as it blends into another color easily. but with Lindy's you never need to worry abt !!

We still have much time for you to apply ! come join us !!!

May 12, 2018

Mixed Media Wings Sign for AALL & Create

Hello all, I am very happy to share that I will be designing for the very famous stamp maker AALL & Create for the next few months.

My first project will be this sign with feather wings. This project represents what my Chinese name means " Beautiful feather of wings

I have used the follows products to create this unique sign.
Stamp -
#11 by Fiona Paltridge
#38 by Kassa Hayselden

Stencil -
#16 by Kassa Hayselden
#13 by Bipasha BK

You can find all of them at

Using Kassa and Fiona designed feather stamps on waterpaper, I fussy cut them all and colored with Lindys sprays Voodoo Violet Blue, Midnight Rendezvous Raven and French Lilac Violet.
Then I glued them layers by layers to create a pair of wings.
The background was decorated with BK's beautiful stencil and final touch with Tracy's phrase stamp

I hope you will be inspired by what I created. We can literally use stamps on ANYTHING. not just stamping or cards or tags ! Try it out !!

Thank you for reading !

May 10, 2018

Mixed Media Altered Traditional Bento box "Box of Treasured Memories"

I had an incredible experience during my trip with John just last week. It was so amazing and inspiring, I have learnt so much , not just abt art and creating, by in a more psychological way.

My mind was(is) so full of imaginations and ideas with vivid colors and active images after this trip of all the experience, wonderful people, beautiful supporting smiles, meaningful places that I visited, the topics we have discussed with so many different people and the life stories we shared have now became a part of me forever.

And I wanted to have something to remember, to hold onto, so here I made this work. "Box of Treasured Memories"

This was originally a traditional Japanese style lunch box (bento bako) with 3 pieces as a set. In Japan, we serve this type of special premium lunch box to VIP guest and each section of it has different good food inside made with good quality material and love.

I used the technique John taught us in the collabo workshop to alter the surface of the bento box. I used Finnbair impasto and metallique plus some wax for the colors and highlight. I am completely happy with how the cover turned out and it looks sooo amazing in real :D (PLEASE ZOOM IN TO SEE THE DETAILS )

On the second level, I wanted to create the ancient and historical feel/touch of the Stone museum we visited where we received so many inspirations. I picked some of the stones there as the texture background. The pic of myself and John teaching was the highlight of this trip so I cannot possibly dismiss that.I altered a stencil brush into a pen, that brush actually was a dried up brush of John. I "stole" it when he was not looking lol and at that moment I already knew I wanted it to turn into a pen (it is really weird as we hadnt went to the pen store yet at that moment lol)  

I also made two tiny books to store some of the little piece here and there in the trip. The receipt where I bought my first Ice Americana :D (which is totally a MIRACLE since I never drink coffee haha) and the bus ticket on the way back home etc

On the final level, it stores one of my fav jewelry made by John which I actually ordered last year when he started creating them. The piece has the perfect tone of purple blue and rust just how I LOVE. It has a wing on it which also represents my own name (which means beautiful feather of wings) and the word ART that is the center of my life right now.

 Underneath the jewelry necklace is one of the photos we took before our classes started. It recorded the perfect moment of us with the excitement of abt to start the class. I am a LUCKY girl who got to have this honor to teach along side with him. and I ENJOY the whole experience so much

I hope you like how I tell this story of the treasured memories!

May 6, 2018

Mixed Media Altered Steampunk Hat

hello all, I have an altered hat to share with you
One of it is so tiny that is good fit for dolls even.

They were actually those straw hat you can find in any craft store or floral arrangement store.

I created the big one as a gift to My dear friend John when he came to Japan last week.

The small one I actually added a clip so I can put it on my hair lol
at this moment, we are debating if we should make it into a workshop. Unsure yet

let me know what you think !
ワークショップにすべきかどうか 今検討中です

Mixed Media Altered Traditional Bento box "Box of Treasured Memories"

I had an incredible experience during my trip with John just last week. It was so amazing and inspiring, I have learnt so much , not ju...