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May 16, 2022

Handmade Heart Shaped Box with Mintay Lavender Farm

I am so proud to say , these two heart shaped box are created from scratch ! 
I really really LOVE this collection 
(as it has my fav purple and fav flower !)


I know it would be so much easier and cheaper to just buy from the shops. 
But what fun would that be? 

I wish you can receive the good vibes from the lavender images !


Apr 23, 2022

Shadow box card with Mintay Papers City of Love


It was the birthday of Mintay Papers Owner @karolawitczakdesigns this week. The girls in our #Mintaypapersdesignteam decided to plan a surprise for her by sending lots of candies and a #birthdaycard all the way from our country to her !

今週はMintay PapersのオーナーであるKarolaさんの誕生日でした。

Here is mine coming from Chiba, Japan ! 
I wanted this card to be romantic but with a hint of mature in it ! 
HAPPY Birthday our darling boss lady ! LOVE you tons !


Apr 21, 2022

Shadow box for Mintay Papers Joy of Life

The new Mintay collections has arrived to me last weekend
I couldn't wait to create with the gorgeous paper! I made a multiple layers shadow box with the
6" papers of "Joy of Life" .

作品を作るのが待ちきれなかった~ "Joy of Life"の6インチペーパーで立体的なシャドーボックスを作りました。

This collection gives a very calm and pleasant vibe. I added some fairy light between the 4 layers so it will glow and be more dreamy