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May 21, 2024

Paper box and album with 49 and market

It has been a while I did a really big project. 
The amount of effort, time and trails it took usually are quite exhausting. 
But when I look at the finished project, 
I feel happy and proud of myself !

Here is a BIG box with an album inside 
the box is 9.1/4" x 9.1/4", the album inside is 8.1/4" x 8.1/4" 

I am using collections from 49 and market, 
mainly kaleidoscope, moonlit garden and color swatch teal.

you can find a walk through video in here  here 

I have also included 3 pop up cards in the album.
They are lots of fun to create 


THe color of these collections make me so happy and joyful. I hope it brings a smile on your face as well !

May 11, 2024

Octagon Box for Craft O ' Clock

Hello dear crafty friends, today I want to share with you an Octagon box ,
 made from scratch and decorated with 
the beautiful Craft O' Clock collection Felicia. 
It is approx. 4" height and 4.3/4" wide.

I spent quite some time trying to decide if I should just let it be a simple octagon box , an exploding box or a two layers box just like how it became now. I just felt it was a waste not to build up some height and show more depth of the whole project 

Making paper boxes is one of my passions, and to create boxes with different shapes is a lot of fun too ! I hope this project encourage you to try some irregular shaped boxes, and decorate with the various styles among Craft O' Clock collections !

Mar 3, 2024

Multiple Layers Bag for Craft O'Clock


 This is my 2nd project for Craft O'Clock,
 I  have made a multiple layers bag using the Mists of Toolbox Town.

This collection is perfect for creating grungy looking carriers, s
o I made this 9" x 9" bag, 
which can be opened on both sides, with lots of details, 
storage and secrets inside.

You can have a look at my video to see how it operates. 
All the tools, insect samples , tags and envelopes are safely stored in different layers of this bag. Come look for them !

I invite you to discover all the gorgeous details of this collection 

which will sure surprise you every time you look at it !