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Mar 3, 2024

Multiple Layers Bag for Craft O'Clock


 This is my 2nd project for Craft O'Clock,
 I  have made a multiple layers bag using the Mists of Toolbox Town.

This collection is perfect for creating grungy looking carriers, s
o I made this 9" x 9" bag, 
which can be opened on both sides, with lots of details, 
storage and secrets inside.

You can have a look at my video to see how it operates. 
All the tools, insect samples , tags and envelopes are safely stored in different layers of this bag. Come look for them !

I invite you to discover all the gorgeous details of this collection 

which will sure surprise you every time you look at it !

Feb 9, 2024

Violin mini card box for Graphic 45

Dear friends,
Today I want to share with you a mini card with a shape of violin, u
sing our new deluxe collection "Love Notes"

It would make the perfect card for Valentine and any other seasons !
Here is a quick video with it , elegant and easy.

All you need is one piece of Kraft cardboard and 
our "Love Notes Collector’s Edition 12×12 Pack with Stickers "

try this and have fun !


Feb 7, 2024

Gift Box with Craft O'Clock Felicia

I am very happy to be able to share my inspiration 
using Craft O'clock beautiful creation with you !

In my first project, I am using the new collection Felicia,
 to create a gift box. This gift box is 6.1/2" x 8", 
and it can be packed on both horizontal and vertical ! 

Look at photo 1 and photo2, 
I created a decorative binding ribbon so the gift box can 
be served from both directions.

When opening the gift box, you will be welcomed by two doors 
on the left and right , inside there are bookmark holders and 
a big pocket in the center. I have a mini book and 
a gorgeous card created for the receiver.

After writing down your message, you can close the box again,
 this time you can put the top and bottom windows down 
and let the left and right doors show.

Once again, we will bind it with the decorative ribbon, 
that means we have another look for the whole gift box !

I hope this will inspire you with a new gift box idea . thank you