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Apr 1, 2016

About myself


I was born and raised in Hong Kong. On 2004, I get married to a Japanese and moved to Chiba, Japan since then.

I have been a lace work crafter and had lots of lots of fun with the beautiful gorgeous lace and blings and rhinestone !

but then one day through a good friend of the lace community I found the world of mixed media and I cannot stop doing it since then.

I am never a person who can draw or paint. I remember when I was a second school minor, my Art teacher laughed at me abt how my coloring was terrible. I would never have believed I could do what I do now.

I love the freedom and possibilities of mixed media.
Even if I cannot draw, I can use my sense of colors and to combine things, express my visions and the voices I hear in my mind.

As my blog title “I create so I live” says, I feel alive when doing my creating. 
I work on my projects with passion; 
I love to experiment with concepts that may be different from the main stream and I take proud of my uniqueness/weirdness !! 

I am a strong believer of good heart, good intention. 
I promise myself in this journey I will not be doing half-hearted projects AND I keep reminding myself to be thankful for what I have and the generous support around me.

THANK YOU for your time for visiting





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