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Jun 27, 2018

Mixed Media Preserved Moss Canvas workshop

先日行ったPurple Vibes Hop プレゼント企画の結果発表です。この記事の一番下までご覧くださいませ。
The result of my own giveaway for the Purple Vibes Hop will be announced at the end of this post.


Hello, today I want to share a project made for my coming workshop.


The piece is using a lot of preserved moss as both texture and decoration together with real wood pieces.

to match with the natural atmosphere of it, I particularly used a photo of my friend Kiyoko san 's gorgeous kitten Leon as the focal point . Meow!

the date of this workshop is set ! looking forward to see you !!

たくさんのご参加に感謝しています。Purple Vibes Hop プレゼント企画の結果発表です。
当選の方はworkshop* ( *を  @ に入れ替えて) までご連絡先をお知らせください!おめでとうございます!


Congratulations !!

The result of my own giveaway for the Purple Vibes Hop is  !!
Please contact me at workshop* (replace * with @) to claim your prize. Please note that I will not be able to online the whole day 29th Jun (GMT+9), if you do not hear fm me immediately, please be patient ~