Jul 4, 2018

Mixed Media Stationery Layout

Some of you may remember my work of a faux drawer using wooden pieces back in this Feb 2018. Today please let me share a paper version of that work 


Stationery is one of the things I love the most and I collect different items of the through the years. It is only normal for me to try representing them in my mixed media work. Especially when I found this gorgeous new paper collection fm Kaisercraft Anthology, "Apothecary"


In this layout there are many tricks and details. Such as the mini bind books, the receipt book, the tags and the brushes and scissors.


All of the bound books are not stick to the background, each of them can be taken out, put somewhere else and the biggest one (left one on this photo) can be used to put messages and other tiny elements.

We cannot forget my trademark, which is the texture of this piece ! I have used various colors and products fm Lindy's gang to add up to the beautiful effect of texture, to express the old and distress stationery look.


I am especially thankful for my great friend who gave permission to use her gorgeous images. It was because of her help that I was able to visualize this work in the most satisfied ways. Thank you !



Allison Verboort said...

Just brilliant Phoebe, I absolutely love this 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Phoebe Tonosaki said...

thank you so much for the love my dear friend!

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