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Nov 12, 2017

Mixed Media Steampunk altered Box

Steampunk is one of my passions and I love love love making steampunk related projects. This time I wanted a mysterious beauty type of work

I imported a lot of beautiful delicate chipboard directly from Poland maker, Wycinanka. This time I wanted to use as much as my heart desires to build up the texture and the depth of the piece.

This will also be another future workshop sample for 2018. 

It was such a difficult task to take photos and capture all the colors and shinny effect. I retook the photos three times and I am still not happy with it. The real piece looks deeper and the different shades of hiding colors fm all the corners are not showing its full beauty.

Here is a short video to display the gorgeous colors and texture of the box

I hope you like this piece too. thank you for watching <3

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