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Nov 8, 2017

Mixed Media Panel Featuring JOKER - with Lindys

well well well, this is the result when you have been watching nothing but the same movie for days if not weeks !!
JOKER has been whispering in my ears non stop so I had to make this !!

(for those who do not understand this quote, I strongly suggest you to go watch Suicide Squad right this moment !)

The concept was to express an almost sinful kind of freedom and craziness(!) with the rich pigments from Lindys.
 Maybe Joker did whisper to the Lindy's girls ears too because the color choices from this month 's challenge fit perfectly. LOL
this project is to join the Nov monthly challenge by Lindys
Joker represents vivid purple, blue, green and
the absolute extreme personality and charisma through the colors

I used only Magicals in this project to appeal for how flexible this products are and their ability to create what my mind wanted make me a very happy girl !

The colors are :
Lindy's Magical Urban Amethyst
Lindy's Magical Tweedle Dee Denim
Lindy's Magical Ponderosa Pines Olive

You can find my process Video here

I also want to use the various layers and shadows in this piece to emphasize the gruesome and suspense atmosphere of Joker himself.

Can you believe this is made just by the Magical powder ??
NO spray at all !!

Thank you for watching !
I hope you like Joker as much as I do ⧫

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