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Jun 19, 2017

Pouring medium with Lindy's Gang Magicals - Enjoy the Magicals

A lot of crafters/artists has tried the acrylic pouring paint lately and then last week I suddenly had this crazy idea to use Magicals to try it.
Cos , Why not ??
So I started my experiment and it worked just fine !!
This is my first pour so not too much cells . But I do like the effect it gives and the colors fm Magicals are totally awesome !!

You can see the process here.
I think what I used for this project is very affordable. I think it is cheaper than using acrylic even. Because you only need a tiny tiny pad of Magicals and the color will be dark enough.

This project is also to join the monthly color challenge held in Lindy's Gang blog.

These are the color combinations I chose.
Bonjour Butter
South Shore Sand
Tilt-A-Wheel Teal
Ramblin' Rose Pink

Polka Purple

Sprays on bulb
Pegleg Pete Purple
Embossing powder on wire
Desert Moon Turquoise

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