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Jun 22, 2017

Mixed Media Button Snowball Bouquet

I am doing a personal challenge with my friend Anja Peter. It is called the blind date challenge. The rules are :  my partner will choose an element for me, we will each decide a theme we want to work on.  Anja gave me "Button" as the element.

I was gonna cry because I have done a button project once but the outcome was awful LOL .
Anyway after a few days I was able to have an idea and made this.

I glued buttons to the paper flowers and added a thin layer of modeling paste to add texture to the flowers. and then sprayed them with these colors fm Lindy's Gang.
Drop Dead Gorgeous Green/Yellow Rose of Texas/Prima Donna Purple/French Lilac Violet/Magnolia Magenta Gold/Shabby Turbine Teal/TiffanyLou Blue

Then I put the flowers into a foam snowball which is for floral arrangement. Hot glue is needed to add to the end of the paper flower sterm.
In this piece 20 paper flowers are used. To fill the gaps btw the flowers, I added pearl embellishments .

The tassle was made with thin ribbons.

The blind date challenge is fun. You can do it with your crafting friends ! you dont even need to really send it out , just posting photos is good. Share it out !!