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Jun 15, 2017

Mixed Media Rusty Altered broken flower vase & Comparison of Rusty paste Turner Rust Medium

Mixed Media Rusty Altered broken flower vase & Comparison of Rusty paste Turner Rust Medium
プリマの古錆効果ペーストセット VS ターナー色彩のラストメディウム

I have a very beautiful vintage flower vase but it was broken on the side so I decided to alter it and use it as a photo frame.

I decorated it with a photo of myself almost 30years ago ( Those were the good old days lol) and vintage silk flowers of

On the top of it , I colored it in rusty effect pastes fm two different makers and tried to have a brief comparison of how the effect turns out.
今ペーパークラフト界で人気を誇っている二つのメ-カ-の 古錆効果ペースト/メディウムを使って色づけてみた。

Prima rusty paste set is well known and very popular item for all mixed media crafter. However it is not easy to obtain here in Japan and the price is obviously higher than how it is in the States.

Turner Milk paint rust medium is a new product released this year. It can be found in major hardware stores and online shop here in Japan.  Price is rather good but it doesnt have the yellow color in the set. Turner is a major paint manufacturer based in Japan. Here many artists and crafters use Turner's acrylic paint and I myself is a huge fan as well.
ターナー色彩のラストメディウム は今年から出回った商品で、四月のホビ-ショ―でも大きく宣伝されて、一般的の画材屋さんをはじめ、ホームセンターでも簡単に手に入る。特に日本ではターナー色彩のアクリル絵の具は知らない人いないほど広く知られ、私も愛用している

Here is my process video using both sets of rusty paste/medium to alter the flower vase.

As you can see, the Turner rust medium is very thin and dont have the rust texture at all. So in order to achieve the sandy texture you will need to add sands or Prima texture powder with it. I did add sands to the Prima rusty pastes too cos I like it more thick with the rusty effect.
ご覧の通り、 ターナーの方はかなり水分含まれていて、プリマのようなつぶつぶの入った質感がない。その質感を出すには、砂もしくはプリマのパウダーを入れて混ぜることがお勧め。
In this photo left hand side you can see actually there is not much difference btw the effect the two products made. The top frame is made with Prima paste. The bottom one by Turner.
Color tone of Turner is a little bit darker but nothing a stroke of gesso cannot fix

In the follow photo, the
Helleborus were painted by the Turner medium.
Add a small bit of water helped make it more smooth and light in contrast.


With adding sands to the Turner medium, the background of the ceramic vase easily turneed into a old rusty texture.
If you desire more rusty feel , just add more sands when painting.

On the other hand, it is very very simple and easy to achieve the rusty effect with the Prima paste set.  Adjust the coating of the three colors and try to make points with different rusty level.

In conclusion,  although the two products are different in style and structure, but the effects are similar. Whatever you choose will help your mixed media make a cool performance with rusty look !!

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