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Jun 14, 2017

Thousands Magicals of Life

I was strongly inspired by Lindy's Stamp Gang Magicals challenge in its FB group and started planning on this project.

This obviously was not a quick one. I have planned a week and starting with every idea little by little.

In this project, the main purpose is focus on introducing my version of the thousands faces of Magicals. What it can be used on mixed media and the variation it gives.

The watercolor effect is a very common known one. I used the basic rainbow choices of Magicals but I did choose a dark version of it.

The right hand side of the photo is using texture powder and Magicals to create forest like shapes.

Here are those I am really proud of.
I used a thick coat of Magicals to work as a stamp pad and it worked beautifully and dreamy.
I used carabella studio stamps and they have clear lines so although it was a detailed stamp, Magicals did a perfect job marking the lines and image.

The middle one is my galaxy making with the magic
Magicals!! that is so much fun and wonderful outcome I must share !! Please see the process in my video below. Everyone can make this easily handled effect with your Magicalss !! the cost is cheap as well.

Adding texture with modeling paste to paper flowers is also a technique easily able to achieve. It gives a more emphasized and strong appeal to the flowers.

A fm start to finish video is also uploaded. Hope you will like it

Using Magicals as embossing powder is also very attracting. Especially you can choose what color you want and mix with the gorgeous two tone embossing powder fm Lindy's

 I hope you enjoy my versions and fall in love with Magicals just like how I did !! As you can see , their color choices are almost too much to choose from !!

Here are what I have used in this project :

Haunted Halloween/Drink Me Silly/Autumn Leaves/Mad hatter/Under the Boardwalk/Caribbean Cruise/Neon Graffiti/Beauty School Dropout

Embossing powder
Sunset Yellow Orange/Byzantine Bronze

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