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Nov 1, 2018

Mixed Media Layout for OneDayColors crop party with Lindy’s Gang

Hey! today I have a video sharing with you, this is specially made for the two days crop party of One Day Colors in this weekend.
今日は下関One Day Colors で行われている2ディークロパパーティーの課題を動画でお見せしたいと思います!

The project requires to make a 12"inch layout using circles. AND Lindy's Gang magical shaker. It is actually a revision crop of my students after the classes I taught a few weeks ago.


So I made this simple layout featuring a Fall theme using some of my flower arrangement old work as focal point.

I have a step by step tutorial for you here ! please click and enjoy !

作成動画もあります。ぜひぜひご覧くださいませ。 日本語テロップ付きです。

This LO is not my usually bunky heavy kind of style but I sure did enjoy to play with the light texture with Magical Shaker 's awesome pigment !


I hope this inspires you to do something Fall/halloween with your favorite Magical Shaker colors !! My to-go pick was the Bavarian Blue  ! it stands out fm all colors but doesnt feel odd. So elegant and special ! 

喜んでいただけたらと思います。ぜひぜひお持ちのマジカルシェーカーで秋っぽいレイアウトを作ってみませんか? 特におすすめの色はBavarian Blue です。かなり目立つが、なんとなく溶け込んで、雰囲気のある色だと思います。