Oct 29, 2018

Mixed Media Magic Treasure Box with Lindy's Gang

I know we all love BOX ! (as much as any cats do lol) so here I have altered a paper box using gorgeous Lindy's Gang Halloween colors Sprays.
みんな実はネコなの? (笑)
今回は Lindy's Gangのスプレーミスト、主にハロウィンカラーを使って

The Lindy's Gang sprays are simply stunning after using black gesso on the top of the paper box.
What I used were :
Moon Shadow Mist

You may think some of the colors are too bright or worry to try them out , but please let me tell you, using them on black surface and mix them together will create MAGIC !
-which is also why I named this box a "Magic Treasure box " 

Please zoom in to see the details and the gorgeous colors !

Do you want to make Magic with Lindy's Gang ? 
皆さんも Lindy's Gangで魔法を作ってみませんか?

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