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Aug 15, 2018

Mixed Media Vintage Love Layout

Hi all, today I have made a new Layout with the theme "Vintage love"

More than Wordsさんの八月マンスリーチャレンジに参加します。

When thinking of both key elements "yesterday" and "vintage", 
my mind immediately goes to the love story btw my parents.

My father lived in Macau, while my mom was in Hong Kong all her life.
So they found each other through being pen pals, 
before they really got to meet each other in person.
My father always show me these old pictures when they started dating,
how young they were, how the communication using letters was romantic.

I devour those stories like I do with good books.


My dad always say it was like just yesterday that they went to see movie. All these vintage photos fascinate me to think of how it was in their years and how lives must be like an Elvis song.

父はまた、ふと思い出したら映画館でデートしたのがまるで昨日のようだったと言っています。 この写真たちを見ると私は魅了され、両親の時代に思いをしばし馳せていた

I used multiple stamps fm 49and Market designed by Pascale B to create basics touch of the page. Then I used Lindy' s Gang Magical Shakers Guten Tag Teal/Bavarian Blue /Time Travel Teal/Cathedral Pines Green to mix the colors of the background and the area I put textured paste on.
49and Market Pascale Bのさんデザインのスタンプを複数に使ってレイアウトの基本のラインを作ったあと、Lindy' s Gangのマジカルでペーパーとテクスチャのある部分に着色した。

Small details like badges fm Cuts2luv and handmade flowers by Lena Foeng are added to create more layers and depth on the piece.

I hope you like the story behind this layout . 
thank you for reading