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Aug 13, 2018

Mixed Media Butterfly MDF for Lindy's Gang

Hello gang, today I want to share with you my DT inspiration for Lindy's Gang August color challenge.
みんな❤今日はLindysのマンスリーチャレンジ 八月をご紹介したいと思います

This month we have VERY dreamy subtle pastel colors as the palette and it really gives so much possibilities when creating !

I found this butterfly MDF in a scrapbooking flea market and it was the perfect item to work on with these absolutely lovely colors.

The colors I used are:


Embossing Powder


All the sprays are Flat Fabios which has no shimmer inside but the matte tone gives a very light touch that can express any gilrly look we all like !!
今月のスプレーはすべてラメ入っていなく、ややマット調の仕上がりのFlat Fabios というタイプのスプレーです。

I encourage you to participate in this challenge. You only need to use two colors fm this palette, no need to use the exact same product but a similar tone is ok. it is fun, trust me !! :D
いかがですか? 参加したくなりますか? とっても簡単です、上のカラーパレットを見て2色以上お選び頂き、作品を作って投稿してください。 まったく同じ商品を使わなくても同じ色合いであればOkです。

Thank you for reading !