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Apr 2, 2018

Mixed Media Robot

I was invited by a group of domestic scrapper to join a project creating something to urge for awareness for Autism at 2nd Apr.  Blue as the theme color and PIECE as the keywords. One thing special abt this project is that, I made it while chatting with all of them ! it was a fun and inspiring procedure. Here please let me show you the process

at the beginning, I already had the idea to make a robot as the main character. He is JUST like everyone of us but he is special and unique. I used a damaged phone charger as his body.

adding chipboards and odds to create his body

 I took a few mins break to look at it while chatting to the group.
 so the final touch is the HAT on his head. It is my forever secret weapon. the lid of my handcream hehe
 here comes the black gesso
 and the gorgeousness of Lindys!
 adding a bit of Metallique fm Finnabair for the highlight

 his heart is moving !

I hope you like it and maybe you will be interested to learn abt more of autism together and share the love !