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Apr 2, 2018

Rust Effects Relic Treasure Box workshop 錆び加工遺跡風ボックス


MrJohn Creighton Petersenと戸ノ崎ホイリンによる

日時 二〇一八年四月三十日 
午前 ボックス蓋の加工 戸ノ崎ホイリン 10:30am – 12:30pm
午後 箱の中身  Mr John Creighton Petersen 13:30am – 15:30pm 
場所  East Side Tokyoさん

インターナショナル・アーティスト、プリマ公認講師・FinnairアンバサダーのMr John Creighton Petersenと、戸ノ崎ホイリンによる近年大人気の錆び加工の講座になります。
なんの変哲もない箱に加工を施し、ビンテージ風の遺跡風芸術品に変身します。プリマトップデザイナーFinnbairの新商品Rusty Paste setsPaper Paste等の使い方を詳しく学んで頂き、今後も様々なプロジェクトに使えるテクを幅広くお教えいたします。当日にMr John Creighton Petersenさんに通訳者が付きます。

講師:Mr John Creighton Petersen戸ノ崎 ホイリン
持ち物:エプロン、筆4本 、ジェッソ、エンボスヒーター、はさみ、パレットナイフ  

参加費: 午前午後 \ 13,000円(材料費込)



    二〇一八年四月二日(月)夜九時(日本時間)から戸ノ崎のメール にて受け付け開始
    四月 二日(月)より営業日五日間以内のご入金を確認次第、ご予約が確定になります。確認出来た参加者様にメールが送信されます
    五日間後にもし空きがありましたらまた受付の発表をインスタとこちらのページにてご案内いたします ( )

Rust Effects Relic Treasure Box
Collabo-Workshop by Mr John Creighton Petersen and Tonosaki Hoi Ling
Date: 30th April 2018
Am: Box Cover with Tonosaki Phoebe 10:30am – 12:30pm
Pm: Inside the box with Mr John Creighton Petersen 13:30am – 15:30pm

International artist and Prima Educator/Finnabair Brand Ambassador John Creighton Petersen and Tonosaki Hoi Ling Sensei will be featuring the latest mixed media trend of rust effects in this workshop to alter a paper box into a vintage artifact box. We will be using Prima Designer Finnabair’s Rust Effects Paste sets, Paper Texture Paste, and other new products to create stunning effects to create a mixed media masterpiece. Many of the techniques used in the workshop can easily be used for other projects on a variety of different surfaces.

There will be translator for Mr John’s lecture. 

Student will need to bring : Apron, Brushes(4 or more), Gesso, Scissors, Palette knife
Lecture Fee: 13,000yen for am+ Pm course (including materials)
*Attendants are suggested to bring lunch box as our lunch break will not be long

# Since this is a special course inviting a foreigner lecturer, we will be using the pre-payment method. No cancellations after registration are confirmed. Registration starts on 2nd April 2018 at 9pm (GMT +9) at
How to registrate :
    Registration starts on at at 2nd April 2018 at 9pm (GMT +9)
    Each mail will be replied with instructions for pre-payment details,
    Registration will be finalized if pre-payment is confirmed within 5 business days fm 2nd April 2018. A confirmation email will be sent to successful registration.
    Further announcement will be made if more seats available after 5 business days.