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Apr 15, 2018

Mixed Media Notebook "Myself"

I have seen many pieces of work using the original design/idea of Finnabair featuring our own face in a mixed media style. I have to say , I have never thought of to create one. Partly because I am not always liking my own face and partly I do no think I could create anything better than it has already be made.

But then I have thought of how this will be so special if I look back 5 years later ! maybe then I can create another version at that time and see the difference !

So I decided to make it as a journey record of my creation. I have to say, THIS IS PURE JOY AND FUN !!

you would think, this is so easy if you have so many embellishments to choose fm. But NO ! it was extremely difficult to choose which one to fit yourself, and the lines of your face.

I also have to choose something that represents ME to add to the piece. Cos if not, it wouldnt be a work of MYSELF . So I added a resin piece of pocket watch, a part with the varnish layers skill, the wing that represents my name and several pieces written "ART". The "US" light bulb represents me and my great crafty friends just like my hermana , my gf Natassa , my shinnyu Aira, my quireda Noura and so many more.

It was layers and layers of color mixing and blending and texturing. And then a few more additional of the layers of embellishments.

I also altered a feather pen to go with it and it looks HEAVENLY!

Please let me know your thoughts on this piece !