Sep 24, 2017

Mixed Media Layout "Nature has its colors"

Hi all, happy to share with you my latest work

I created this layout for Lindys Sept color challenge

I used BLUE and GREEN shades for this layout , featuring a photo of mantis taken by my friend Ruth Guevara who is a photographer

The main elements combines what Nature is. Green, blue, twigs, stones, rock and moss. And most certainly the refreshing power coming fm them.

Lindys' blue and green color sprays blend together really well, thus created a full of life expression of the nature.

This concept came to me when I was going to attend a live concert of my fav band, Dream Theater. There was a huge flower arrangement on the centre of every few blocks on the road leads to the hall where the live took place. The light came fm the ceiling and I could see all the shadows and shades all those flowers and plants made around the round shape of the arrangement. I was determined to make that image into this work and I am happy with how it turns out.

You can find my process video below :

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