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Sep 26, 2017

Mixed Media Altered Doll & Coffin

So it is almost halloween, right ? cos Sept is almost done !
That is when we need to start doing halloween decoration !!

Let me present you with my spooky girl and her sleeping place!

it seems that sleeping but you can say her name to see if she replies.

ok. Let me introduce how I altered these two items.
The tutorial is here

I used Finnabair platinum crackle texture paste for the surface. Waited a few hours before putting on gesso and colors

Colors are done with Finnabair Impasto paints, sprays with water and gently taking off with tissue papers. Repeat the steps again and again.

The cute doll is a mini doll released here in Japan like ten years ago.
I gessoed her fm hair to toes and turned her hair into black one.
I then painted her bones so she looks like a skeleton ~ and added a big scar on her face.
well, you cannot not have some blood stains for halloween right ??

I really love how these turned out and I want to thank you my friend Rain for sending me the coffin and the butterflies .xoxo

Thank you for watching. Enjoy!