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Aug 21, 2017

Mixed Media Hoop "enjoy the journey"

This is the first time I tried my hand on altering hoop.
Well, you know, it is not easy to find a reasonable price of different sizes of the hoop in Japan but I managed to find them .

This is to enter for Lindy's color challenge of August.

When I first saw this color chart, I was like OH WOW !
cos PURPLE is my fav fav fav color !!!

However it is also quite difficult to narrow down to one concept to fit in this challenge with the colors that I have in hand.

Eventually, I settled down as using one of my fav vintage photos fm Lina Cavalieri and work fm there.

I used :
Lindy's sprays - Open Arms Amethyst/Whale Watch Blue/Prima Donna Purple/French Lilac Violet

Lindy's Embossing Powder - Midnight Violet, Midnight Ruby

Layers of Fuchsia flowers stamped fm heartfelt creation.

I also included one of my fav items Prills(the tiny little balls you see) into the piece.

Here is a process video :

I really like this color challenge and I sure hope there will be more purple coming in the future !!

Last but not least I want to thank you my sis Anja Peter for designing my watermark for me. I love love love it. Arigatou ~

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