Jul 9, 2017

Mixed Media Canva Journal Book "My Journey "

I was inspired by Tina Stepanova's video on Lindy's channel of binding two canvases into a journal book. I really love it so I decided to try my hand on it.

It took me redoing the binding three times to get it right (or say to get it to the point that I am happy with lol) My reason of failure is I didnt looked for the instructions and just did it right away. But that is another story. My only advice is , research for it , as it is not usually binding method. The usual way will bind your paper too tight that you cant open the book.

So this time since it is a book, I tried to make it not too heavy and used only very little items on it.  And this is almost the most simple design I have made in my crafting history haha.
I always like heavy mixed media style and love to use as much embellishments as possible and this is a real challenge to me. I fully enjoy the simple of the art and the beauty of it.

Process video is here

I hope you like this project and mostly the texture and the expression of it. 
Thank you for watching

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