Jul 7, 2017

Mixed Media acetate tag

I made a tag using acetate is inspired fm Mary Catt in Lindy's blog. 

I was able to find these hard type of acetate and they are supposed to be little envelope to store photos or small notes. I love them. They have different sizes. Smaller has more quantity for one dollar. Steal !!

So I picked the gorgeous colors fm Lindy's  - French Lilac Violet/Magnolia Magenta Gold/ Whale Watch Blue 

The purple sunset view inspired me the images of waves and so I selected the small bubbles dots stencil as background.

Can you see this tiny > arrow chipboard ?? those are the V sign you see btw the friends in the photo !!
I am totally in love with this . As I am actually a "color person". I am sensitive to colors and I work better with photo/image.

And I really like the result of working on acetate. I will make more in the future. that is for sure !!

Thank you for reading !!

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