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May 5, 2021

Rusty Long box

I love to find out new formula to create rusty effect, especially with limited resources of certain color choices.

This time it took literally hours for me to figure these out
to color my altered box in rusty style.

Here is the list of the formula I explored:
Rusty orange - Izink pigment Burnt orange + dye spray honey + dye spray coffee
Rusty brown -   Izink pigment Burnt orange + Fresco finish Squid ink + dye spray Tea + ICE Greenland + black gesso
Mint green - Fresco finish Turquoise + Fresco finish Green patina
Musky green - Izink pigment Olive drab + pigment Stratosphere
Texture - Izink Sandy paste + Embossing Powder (Lindy's gang chunky)

I know I have said in my Fb live that Pigment ink is for small area. 
But if you have patience and you are happy to create layers upon layers,
 then pigment ink is a good media to build up 
the depth mixing with other media 
because you only need a bit of amount to add up the tone.  
Also it does function as replacement as
 I do not have a wide variety of Fresco finish paint colors.

I hope you like this project 
and you may try out the color combinations 
I used here.