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Mar 16, 2020

Free Form ATC House Hop

Here is Free form ATC set for the #HOuse_HOp
When I was young, I have a favorite novel, there was something the male character said that always remain in my mind and memory. He said
Do you believe the stories behind each house always have happy ending?
I keep thinking of that when I grew up.
There are big house, small house, house decorated with gold baroque decoration, house with ancient aged paint, house with dark deep gothic colors. Do all these houses represent happiness?
This is what I want to express in my project. We dont have answers to that , but that will keep us thinking.
What our houses represent?


大きいハウス、小さいハウス、ゴールドで飾られたバロックの装飾のハウス、古びいた塗装が剥がれ落ちているハウス、ゴシックのダークカラーのハウス、このハウスたちはすべて 幸せの印でしょうか?
Anastasia @nastyalena – не пропустите сегодня 11.03!
Elena @elena_marty - 12.03
Maria @magic_attic_maria - 13.03
Yulia @yulia_tirskaya - 14.03
Olga @olga.ravenskaya - 15.03
Svetlana @lipnitskaya_s - 16.03
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