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Feb 2, 2019

Mixed Media Grungy Moss Journal

Dear all, today I want to share a brand new bound journal with you !

As you may already knew, I love books and journals. I love to have something on hand, to hold on, to write, to keep special memories and notes, photos of the loved ones.
to revisit it fm time to time again, smile and read through the treasured memories.
This project is about a journal like this.
Welcome to enlarge the below photos to see the details and gorgeous texture !
ぜひぜひ 写真をクリックして拡大して細かいところまでみてみてください。

I used up a whole collection pad of 7Dots Studio 's Hazy Days to bind this book. On the cover I used one of the pages with brown colors and started adding texture on it .
I have added multiple layers of paper die cuts made by Fantasy Dies

特に見ていただきたいのは Fantasy Diesのダイでカットされたパーツをたくさん

I colored the cover with Lindy's Gang products including the new Metallic Magical Shaker and Squirts.

I also has bound a smaller version of mini book on the right side of the cover.
Just to store some of the photos of my fav singer/artist.
Different areas are decorated by various Fantasy Dies made paper die cuts.

The paper die cuts served as texture with different shapes and colors
(here I have used white, light green, dark green, moss green paper for the die cuts)

The first page of the mini book can also switch to the first page of the journal like this.

 Thank you for reading till the end. I know this project is kind of "nerdy" lol but I think it may inspire you to create something really dear to your heart and keep it with you always.
ややヲタのにおいが濃くてすみませんが ((´∀`))ケラケラ


Monica said...

THIS ALBUM IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phoebe Tonosaki said...

thank you so much for the love and support Monica

Lyudmila Chernoivanova said...

Phoebe, thank you from Fantasy for participating in our Galery !

Phoebe Tonosaki said...

thank you so much dear Lyudmila

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