Jan 1, 2019

My 2019 good-to-go stationery set with Lindy's Gang

Hello dearies! welcome to 2019 !

I promise you for a lot of fun this year !

みなさん 2019年にようこそ!

Now let me start the new year with My 2019 good-to-go stationery set

We have Lindy's Gang Magical, we have notebooks, we have stamp, we have sticky notes, we have feather pens, we have washi tape, what else do we need?
Lindy's Gang マジカルもあるし、ノートもあるし、スタンプもある、

I have used these colors here for the 2019 Jan color challenge of Lindy's :
こちらのLindy's Gang カラーを使いました。

Magical Shaker Bratwurst Brown

The concept is to create some items I used daily on my desk.

I made two big bound books with Bee Shabby paper collections and dies fm Fantasy Dies. Then painted around the clipboard with the Lindy's Gang colors.


I also started creating mini books, sticky notes, small paper packs and painted with the green color to make it look ancient.

The final step is to paint the feather pen to make it a member of the whole set !

I hope you are inspired by these colors and have fun with me for 2019 !
ぜひ 今月のマンスリーチャレンジに参加してね

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