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Jan 28, 2019

Mixed Media Masculine Canvas

Hello all, today I want to share an very exciting project with you !

This project is made with my love for a character in a recent Korean tv show I have watched. 

I ordered a lot of the new steampunk series dies fm Fantasy Dies and I created a huge amount of paper die cuts to use on this project to create the dark, heavy tone and atmosphere that I have in mind.

I have used the brand new Lindy's Gang Squirts and Metallic Magical Shakers . Because this character is a sad and crude person I used heavy dose of the color Hockey Puck Black. 

Also some Oh Canadian Crimson around his photo cos deep in his heart , he has a raging burning love for someone he cherishes all his life.
隠し色は赤いOh Canadian Crimson”です。写真の周りと下側につけることによって彼の情熱と密かな愛を表現したいです.

I always focus on creating something that speak to me and somethings that I have strong feelings at. This time I made something purely fm my LOVE <3 I love you can feel the love . Thank you 
作品作るときに、いつも心かけているのは、まず自分の心に何か響きのあるテーマかどうかということです。感情があるからこそ、愛があるからこそ、美しい作品ができると思っています。 皆さんにこの愛を伝えたでしょうか? ((´∀`))ケラケラ ありがとうございます

This is to enter for the Fantasy Dies Jan Challenge