Nov 16, 2018

Mixed Media Layout for CSI with Lindy's Gang

Hello all, Lindy's Gang has been invited to work with CSI Colors, Stories, Inspiration Challenge Blog for Nov, I am very happy to be the Guest Detective !

Here is my Layout for this month 's inspiration:
Lindy's Gang のDTメンバーがCSI Colors, Stories, Inspiration Challenge ブログでゲスト探偵として働かせていただきました。

This is the case file no 266.
ケースファイル 266です

I am inspired by the "evidence" - geometric shapes, frame, little gadgets, and bright colors fm the color palette.
So I used some of the creation with Lindy's Gang as the main photos.
The altered planner I made also fit this case very well ,
so I cannot forget to add it there too !
今まで Lindy's Gangを作った作品などを写真として使いました。

The testimony of this case is abt something that is we do everyday,
and we are thankful for .
So obviously this is what Lindy's mean to me !!
これはまさに 私にとって Lindy's Gangのことを指しているように思います。

I have used the follow colors to create this Layout.

First I created the background with the yellow and blue colors with Magical shakers,
and then I cut some watercolor paper with hexagon paper punch and colored them
to match the color palette.
After that I used cardboard to make the edges of hexagon to make it like a frame.
I also used the tip of the tube fm Lindy's sprays to draw hexagon 
to enhance the elements.

 Lindy's Gangのスプレーミストのチューブを使って

hope you like this a bit quirky LO <3

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