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Sep 15, 2018

Mixed Media Layout "Growing up"

I made a mixed media layout last month to enter for a scrapbook fair contest in Fukuoka, a big city of the West of Japan. I am very grateful that I won the Fair award with thid work. Thank you so much for the judges and those who voted for me.

先月に九月の福岡スクラップブッキングフェアで出展するための12インチレイアウトを作りました。ようやく公開できました。ありがたい事に、フェア賞に選べれました! なんという光栄! 票を入れてくださった皆さま、実行委員会の皆様、ありがとうございます!

The only requirement of the contest is to make a 12inch layout. So I let my mind ran free, and I decided to make something abt myself. "Growing up" is exactly what I wanted to express. I am already past 40s, where we tend to go back to the old memories and think abt how good the old days are. So here in this layout, I showcased three photos of myself. One fm my childhood with my elder sister, one when I was around 15 years old, and one taken just last year.

今回の投稿のテーマはフリーということでした。そこで閃いたのは自分のことを紹介するレイアウトでした。"Growing up" というタイトルはまさに私が伝えたかったことです。


I especially created a high dimensional structure of the layout cos it is the style I like. Also, "Growing up" has the meaning of facing up, and I wanted to create this moving upward atmosphere.
レイアウトでは自分のお気に入りの立体的な構造を心かけて作りました。 "Growing up" は上に向けて目指すという意味合いを持っているので、写真の配置でもそれを表せるようにアレンジしました。

I used multiple Lindy's Gang sprays to create the background. I chose the color blue because it is the perfect color for summer before fall. The colors are: Afternoon Delight Denim /Azure Sea Asters/Blue Hawaiian Blue. I also used Magical shaker Afternoon Delight Denim to color the chipboard and other elements in the layout.
Lindy's Gang のスプレーミストを使って背景を作り上げました。使った色はこちらです。

I had great fun creating this piece ! no matter what is the result of this submission, I am really happy with how this came out !
Thank you for reading !