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Jun 11, 2018

Mixed Media Canvas "Demons and Fragile "

Good day all !

Today I have a canvas to share with you. 
The title is "Demons and Fragile "

Please let me explain a bit abt the concept of this work.
When I saw the two colors of the moodboard, 
the first images came to my mind were 
Red = Demons
Yellow and the wild flowers = Fragility

Demons; as in the insecurities, self doubt, uncertainty, lack of courage
Do all these sound familiar to you ?

Fragility ; being weak, easy to be hurt, discomfort, unable to break through

I am sure most of us has experienced all these, not just in art, but in our daily lives.

This piece is to express those feelings that exist deep in our heart and by using the main two colors RED and YELLOW, I try to envision their power their aura and the influence to us.

The 7dots previous collection "Lost and Found" is one of my fav.

I have used the yellow green base papers and the tags fm the series to layer up as the main structure of this canvas.
The multiple shapes and layers of the elements fm 7dots product indicates the complication of US. our own selves.

Are you fragile when you are facing your demons ?

Do you fight with you demons even if you are fragile ?

I hope this piece will inspire you to reflect on yourself, your life. and maybe your art journey even.

I want to take this moment to THANK you all the visitors fm the Netherlands. THANK You for visiting and gave me such great support!
Ik wil dit moment nemen om alle bezoekers uit Nerderland te bedanken. Dankjewel voor jullie bezoek en geweldige steun.