May 30, 2018

Mixed Media Altered Purse for AALL & Create

hey guys, today I have a DT project for AALL & Create. It is an altered purse that I have a lot of fun making

This is just a purse you can find in the dollar store.
I gesso-ed them and then stamped with the below stamps, using modeling paste with these stencils to make texture . After that I started using Lindy's Gang spray on the surface.

Stamp -
#10 by Autour

Stencil -
#6 by Autour
#13 by BK
#18 by Kassa
you can find all of them at

After drying, I put the metallic acrylic paints into a bottle with the pointy nozzle and started highlighting the pattern with the nozzle.

I also wrote a few words and some random lines

The Lindy's Gang Sprays I used are :
Shabby Turbine Teal
French Lilac Violet
Queen of Hearts Red
Grab a guy Gold

I hope you love this project !

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