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Apr 28, 2018

Mixed Media Altered Medieval Knight with Lindy's Gang

Today I am to share a technique of how to use Lindy's on slick surface to alter gorgeous off the page projects.
We always find some beautiful items that we want to give them a new life, only to find that they are slick surface like plastic, which will not hold the paint unless you sand it pretty hard.

Here I have a SOLUTION for you !!!

Lindy 's products:
Moon Shadow Mist Long John Silver
Starburst Gag Me With A Spoon Gray/Silent Night Silver/Screamin' Banshee Black

I have a tutorial video here for you

 you may ask, WHY not just use the normal primer like gesso ?

Because first, the gesso or modeling paste etc will not hold the paint and will fall off after a while.
Secondly, sometimes spray on white gesso it is too soft but spray on black gesso it is too dark. By spraying on chalky paint finish, it gives another color combinations more than white/black gesso can offer. You can try your color palette of chalky finish paints THEN with different colors of Lindy's sprays and you will find INCREDIBLE effect !!!

 Please ZOOM in to see how beautiful the colors are .
The most important : it is so easy to achieve !!

I hope you will try it out and if you have any inquiries do not hesitate to let me know !