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Jan 29, 2018

Mixed Media Namecard case "My Alchemy"

Since I have been working as an Instructor, I needed name cards.
The more I carry them the more I needed a case.

So this was the perfect chance for me to alter to something really represents me.

I name this "My Alchemy"

Not because that I want to make gold out of it, but I want to make this journey something special, something precious.
Purple + Gold + Black is the perfect formula of my fav colors.

You can see fm the below photos that in different angles, the colors shine different shades . That is the awesome-ness of Lindy's sprays. When you combine few sprays together, you never know how it is gonna blend and mix. That is so much fun to develop and play with the color mixture !!

The items I used are :

Spray -

Magical Shaker - 

Cowabunga Copper  (for the crystal ball like look)

Layers and layers of sprays are put on this surface. Every layers you can see difference and it is up to you where and when to stop.

I tried not to make too heavy texture in this cos I want it to be a bit comfortable when I have to hold it in my hands.

Do you want to make your own Alchemy ?