Dec 20, 2017

So excited to share this news with you!!

I am so excited to share with you this great news !! YES
I am chosen to be the Ambassador of Lindy's Gang !
yes you hear me right, the LINDY'S Gang !!

I am very grateful for this chance to work with Lindys and the whole wonderful team.

This has been one of my dreams since I have started doing mixed media.

I am really really grateful for those who support me all the way,

gave me so many feedback,
a pet on the shoulders,
and all of those who joined this journey with me hand in hand.

I am so sorry to my besties and my craft friends who asked me and asked me abt the result of this application,

but I could only replied "no idea""cant tell""I dont know" cos I really couldnt say anything
as per agreement and that was the same for the 20 of us.

In 2018 I will be working with these super talented artists on the Lindy’s Stamp Gang Design Team. Lindy’s decided to have a huge team for next year and to have three different Design Teams - Ambassador, Video and Photo! ミクストメディア界では誰もが知っているブランドとして近年本当にとても活躍されて、
アンバサダーになった身として、これから開催されるワークショップで、 皆様にもっともっとご紹介し、ミクストメディアを楽しんでいただきたいと思います。

I can’t wait to show you all, some of my amazing ideas for using Lindy’s sprays, embossing powders and paints.
This will be what I am teaching for the first workshop of 2018 featuring Lindy's Magicals !! at this moment, all the seated are full and there is already a waiting list . (we may open a second class for this project if circumstances meet.Thank you ありがとうございます!)
こちらが来年一月にEast Side Tokyoさんにて開催するワークショップのサンプルです。 LindysさんのMagicalという着色パウダーを用いての楽しい講座になります。 とてもありがたいことに、ただいま満席になっており、
Now let me introduce you to the Lindy’s 2018 Designers... Lindy's Ambassador:

Lindy's Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are our CHEER SQUAD you can take a class with any of our amazing Ambassadors, please contact them for details:

Video Design Team

Our Video Designers are our TEACHERS and will be giving you all mini-classes online, one project at a time:

Photo Design Team

Our Photo Designers are our INSPIRATION and they will be showing you how beautiful Lindy's look and inspiring you to create:
In this coming half year,

I will be working to my best for the team.

I will also show some of the photos and short videos of my workshops using Lindys products.

I promise a fun and inspiring 6 months for you !!

Thank you for your continuous support !!

挑戦的な一年を用意しています!ぜひぜひ 楽しみに待ってて下さい!


Kate Palmer said...

Welcome to the Gang oxox

Phoebe Tonosaki said...

Thank you dear DT mom hehe

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