Dec 18, 2017

Mixed Media Flower Wreath For Daily ART DT

Hello ! I am at Daily ART blog today.
This time I am gonna show you a mixed media style wreath that you can decorate not just in Christmas season but throughout the year. 

I put a fabric on the top of a wreath base and then make it like a circle canvas. I used Gesso Paste to prime the surface then I used the following Daily ART sprays to make the background color
Glimmer Ink spray Mother of pearl
Glimmer Ink spray Pearl blue
Vintage ink spray Baby pink

After that, I put various preserved flowers to decorate as a wreath shape. And then I used some paper to create two sets of decorations. The coloring is done by the above sprays as well.
When the season is ended you can change into other of the paper decoration so you can still decorate the wreath until you change it to another photo!

I hope you like this idea and try it your own !!

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