Sep 29, 2017

Mixed Media Rusty Mouldy Mask

I am teaching a workshop in Niigata, a Prefecture which is very far away fm the big city Tokyo in the mid of Oct.

A few of my students want to take both the first and second day , so I had to come up with the second project and here is what we are going to do !!

the original idea is actually coming fm a hint by my great Spanish friend Sergio. He said he wanted an altered Japanese style mask fm me.
So when I was looking for materials in the store, I found this mask for halloween party

the main technique of this mask is not just the usage of Art extravagance sculpture medium, nor the rusty/patina paste
cos those techniques we will cover in the first day class.
The main point is to create the mouldy effect with rusty/paste paste sets alone.

also loving the hightlight effect by Impasto paint Snow white.

I love how this turned out and I hope this inspires you to make your own altered mask too.
Thank you for the support !

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