Aug 9, 2017

Mixed Media Altered Box "I lived"

I made this box decorating with the photo of one of the Four Beauties of ancient China, Diaochan(貂蝉)

Although she is only a fictional character but she has been catching the hearts of thousands people around the world who are fascinating of the famous historical novel "Romance of The three kingdoms".

If you are interested, you can read her story here.

I picked the colors of the images of a gorgeous, attractive woman like her and used various feathers to enhance her beauty.

She had a tragic life and this word sticker fits her just as it is.

This project was fun to make and also this is one of those "why you spent so much time on the background when you are gonna cover them all up?" one haha but I guess that is the fun of mixed media !!
I chose Lindy's sprays and embossing powder for the coloring.
Lindy's Sprays:
Sweet Violet Purple Teal/
Prima Donna Purple/
French Lilac Violet/
Time Travel Teal/
Shabby Turbine Teal

Lindy's embossing
Desert Moon Turquoise/
Prima Donna Purple/
Venus Violet Blue/

Chipboards are scrapiniec by Mixed Media Place

A process video is updated here :

 I hope you enjoy this just like I do. thank you for the support.

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