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Jan 7, 2024

Botanical Exploration Bag with Graphic 45 Life is Abundant


Hello friends, today I want to show you my BIG project and 
a few little items that you can make easily .

The first moment I saw the new collection “Life is Abundant”, 
I already knew I had to make this! 

In the past, I have made quite a few projects with Graphic 45 collections with flowers, fairies themes. 
I think this time this new collection will look great coordinated with 
the older projects I have made. 

So this huge bag (base size 11” x 8”x 3.½”) has a left side with a bag handle 
and space for a test tube to put flower and seed samples inside. 
A pen is also needed when going out to explore the woods.

We will also need a card holder to insert our identity card or name card! 
The other smaller decoration tags are also removable and can be placed in other spaces of the bag.

Then the right handed side of the bag is a mini pocket to carry some notes, 
sample bags.  It is very flexible and can hold different objects in different sizes. 
Go to my video to see how this is made!

There is a big pocket in the front, to carry other much needed paper folders and fryers. 

I encourage you to get inspiration from my video
go treasure hunting in your stash and take out all the botanical Graphic 45 collections to create something!