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Feb 10, 2019

Mixed Media Storage Box for Snip Art

Hello dear crafty friends, here I want to share a huge storage box with you with beautiful Snip Art products !

I have a wooden First-aid box but our medicine were already flooding out fm the box , so I decided to alter it and use it to store something else.


The first thing I used were the very versatile MDF series, one of my Favorited items !
Industrial Factory - long tubes - MDF
I used the whole set on it.
Some area I have put two layers on the top of each other
to make it more dimensional.


The other item I used is the very cool bee fm the insect series
Insect - Big 3D
I like that it is very big that will give a great impact to the whole piece,
even though you do not place it right in the middle.

I put the spare wings on the top of his body, 
so that it looks more vivid and real.

When using chipboard or MDF with multiple layers on projects that you will utilize, please remember to make sure you glue the layers tight,
so that it will not fall down afterwards.

For the coloring, I used the very beautiful new products by
Lindy's Gang Squirts.
And some VERY stunning metal embellishments by Mitform Castings.


I sincerely hope you do like this project and try out these wonderful products !!
Thank you !