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Aug 1, 2016

Alice in wonderland junk journal

I made this junk journal for the memory project of our trip with Natasha and Irina this June.

The theme is fm Alice in wonderland because I am in love with it so much lately.

I have made a shaker card feature in the front page. The background is a tea party image.

We have Alice here, made with resin

and my fav character cheshire cat too !!

I also made fake sweets charm of Alice biscuit and cookie

The back is an image of Absolem and different kind of butterflies. I like the message of his character which is "transform".

I also made a Chronosphere as the closure charm. It is fm the movie Alice through the looking glass.

Inside the journal, I made pages with cheshire cat, resin accessories,  shaker card etc

 I also decorated a spoon with fake sweets including haribo bear candy, ice cream, chocolate and whip cream.

Details of the good memories btw the three of us is mentioned in the video. Please go here and watch.

Thank you for watching and please give a thumb up if you like it.