Apr 21, 2016

First post

hi all, I am very new in this.
I havent written a blog post for years since I stopped collecting dolls.
And this is the first time I used a English oriented blog.
So please bear with me if the blog is with mistakes and flaws.
Just send me a comment and let me know, I will try to fix it.
Thank you

In this blog I will try to upload photos and details of my work.
Mainly lace work and mixed media.
I just started lace work last year. And only started mixed media for around one month.
I enjoy making them and esp I enjoy making new friends fm the crafting community and learn fm them.
I hope this blog wil work as one of the tools for me to get interaction with others in the community.

Here is my social media links if you are interested.
Welcome !!


Michelle AKA Bubbachooka said...

So proud to see you back on the blogging.....awesome!

Debbie Vignola said...

Lovely work Phoebe.

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